*these lists are, by the nature of online lit, not exhaustive. if a link doesn't work it's because the site went under or changed, etc. etc. and the poem no longer exists. that's the nature of the biz, baby!



The Fountain (Thirty West Publishing House, 2020, fiction)

The Poet Confronts Bukowski's Ghost (Philosophical Idiot, 2018, poetry)


"It's Fine"

"I'm Afraid"

"To You, After You've Read My Poems"
"To The Man Who Said Reading My Poetry Was 'More Intimate Than Sex'"

"Frantic Efforts to Avoid Real or Imagined Abandonment"

"YouTube is Recommending Empathy"

"Withdrawal Poem"

"You Saw Yourself in Me and You Wanted to Die"

"Poet Man"

"Love Poem"