“Kat captures the incredible dramatic nature of existing. Each moment becomes an explosion of energy and turmoil. What most people forget and dismiss as irrelevant thoughts and interactions become for Giordano great battles waged across the galaxy of the human heart.” —Noah Cicero, author of Las Vegas Bootlegger 

"Giordano's characters are lost but not too lost, comfortable yet agitated, aimless but conflicted, the story a frustrating walk through a frustrating inner turmoil. . . I felt the self-doubt and self-defeat that runs through Giordano's story drape over my brain like a cheap wine hangover, or like a puke-smelling jacket." —Zac Smith, author of 50 Barn Poems 

“Kat Giordano’s debut novel painfully captures the anxiety and confusion of modern dating, where lost people remain in a dreamy, near-constant flux between love and longing, of hope and hopelessness… so if you do decide to take a dip in The Fountain, grab your swimmies, but leave your clothes on, and try not to drown.” —Brian Alan Ellis, author of Bad Poet