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praise for tell me you've earned it:

"Tell Me You’ve Earned It is a dazzling kaleidoscope of wants—of carnal desires and urgent emotional hungers—in which Giordano excavates and plunders the depths of her being to present her honest experiences on the page for us to devour in all their brilliantly chaotic glory. With devastating insights into the reality of living with borderline personality disorder, the poems in this collection oscillate between being sexy and sad, romantic and tragic, funny and shocking. We witness the poet standing on the precipice, then throwing herself off it in the name of love, and ultimately finding her feet after the crash landing. Assertive, brave, and unsparing, Tell Me You’ve Earned It is an audacious collection from a poet who dares to take risks in both her life and her art—and thank god Giordano risked it all, because reading this book felt like a delicious binge after a violent purge." — HLR

"Made me want to reremember time with an ex without any of the romanticization and it made go, 'oh, huh' a bunch. Was good. Also horny as hell and will steal lines for sexts lol" — a friend

"Kat Giordano invites us along the arc of her own personal Orion: a love story that tears the bandage clean off a life and lets the flesh beneath redden & breathe. 'I should have handed you these feelings before they were perfect.'—Giordano’s speaker walks the knife’s edge of raw want & writerly craft with such dexterity we almost don’t notice incisiveness becoming incision, veins opening to reveal how 'the heat of this new love / has boiled away all that could have / killed it'.” — Tom Snarsky

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